Brokerage Product Portfolio

Our main focus is to support the brokers that work with us to deliver the best of class solution for their clients. SFG Brokerage has the expertise and infrastructure to support all case types.

Life Insurance
Whole Life
Term Life
  • Vantage Term- ART

  • Vantage Term - 10

  • Vantage Term - 15 and 15 ECP

  • Vantage Term 20 and 20 ECP

  • Vantage Term 25 and 25 ECP

  • Vantage Term 30 and 30 ECP

Universal Life
Disability Income Insurance
  • Radius Choice

  • RetireGuard

  • Executive Select Program

  • MassMutual Income Protection Option

Small Business Owner
Long Term Care Planning Solutions
Income Annuities
  • MassMutual RetireEase Single Premium Immediate Annuity

  • MassMutual RetireEase Choice Flexible Premium Deferred Income Annuity

Fixed Deferred Annities
  • MassMutual Odyssey Select

  • MassMutual Stable Voyage